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5 definitions by Lucifer Ann

n. When one partakes in a stupid and/or spiteful occurence that could classify them as a bitch.
"Drew was drunk off his ass, and though she knew he had a girlfriend, Shawna pulled a bitch move and got with him anyways."
by Lucifer Ann October 21, 2007
41 10
n. A derogitory term oftenly used for a female, also could be spelt as ho face or ho-face. Means mostly that the person being referred to as a hoface has a visage that resembles that of a whore's.
"Yeah! Well...! You're a hoface! D<"
by Lucifer Ann October 21, 2007
5 0
v. To "super man dat hoe" is to interrupt intercourse just as male peak is reached, thusly spooge on the female's back, and slap a tissue ontop of the cum, giving her a "cape."
"Shii, daw', you should totally just super man dat hoe - shoot her in duh back and hit a CAPE on dat shit!"
by Lucifer Ann October 21, 2007
128 183
n. A code name for partying while on tour in another country. Such a party includes "lemons," another name for alcohol, so as to not get you and your cohorts in shit with the chaperones.
One cannot have a lemon party without the lemons.
A lemon party without lemons in a lime party.
by Lucifer Ann April 14, 2008
4 90
v. The act of forcefully shoving one's fist - in a punching motion - up a female's rectum during intercourse, often whilst shouting "Falcon Punch!" Also referred to as fisting or buttrape, though those don't include the catchy punching words =D Taken from Captain Falcon.
"I love it in the butt!"
by Lucifer Ann October 21, 2007
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