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3 definitions by LuM

A simple-minded...... DUMBASS.
Commonly found of space crafts 3 million years in the future.
"Lister, You complete and utter goit!"
by LuM January 19, 2004
One who is quite like Brian but is not completely on the same scale. Often considered as a bad form of Brian.

Sometimes spelled Bayium.
"Stfu, Bayim!"
by Lum February 22, 2003
Shut the UP fuck!

STUF © 2003 Fuzzed, Ltd. Imperial Operatives and TheLoneRanger, All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized use of this word is strictly prohibited. Go ahead. Use it. We dare you.
<TheLoneRanger> I really do like kitties, though.
<Lum> Um, stuf?
by Lum February 22, 2003