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A simple-minded...... DUMBASS.
Commonly found of space crafts 3 million years in the future.
"Lister, You complete and utter goit!"
by LuM January 19, 2004
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An extremely foolish and useless person. One who has no common-sense or ability whatsoever.

A variant of git.
You sir, are a bloody goit!
by Jeremy Riley October 28, 2003
1) an idiot
2) another word for git
chip is a goit
by botaf November 11, 2003
when you see a hot girl/guy and you have the permission from your friends. sometimes can be reffered to some exciting event that has to be acomplished right away
holy shit jimbo look at the double ds on that one, go it muther fuker

dayum look at that baconator go it before its too late
by oliver garcia 305 February 09, 2010
Go it!- a slang word used when someone tells you good news.
- a word used when you just fell like saying something
Capm Jack Sparrow: Hey dude, I just got a new car!
Frye Daddy: Go it!

Kelly- i jst got my hair done and I was like OMG my highlights, like, so hott!

Frye Daddy: Go it!
by frye daddy March 28, 2008
somone who smells like like they havn't washed in months
by dudeguy325 October 17, 2010
A female's vagina - dergogatory
Get your goit out for the lads
by Jack T August 30, 2005

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