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30 definitions by LuLu

n:a person with major skill on the guitar.
adj:beautiful, amazing, skilled.
No one is better than Billy Martin.
by lulu August 09, 2003
1) Your ass having a cramp.
2) Someone who is a fun buster.
1) Dude, I have a asscramp.
2) You are such an asscramp!
by lulu October 08, 2003
one who has a threesome in Mexico and cries to their friend.
Lindsey!! I'm a dirt mongrel!!
by Lulu September 30, 2003
high as a kite! stoned as a rat!
everybody likes to get stizzoned!
by LULU February 21, 2003
Male Genitalia, mostly extremly small.
He had the nerve to pull out his wiffie cutter and expect oral gratification... I already had a tictac in my mouth.
by lulu January 16, 2003
A Variation on "butter face", where the body of a female is above average but her face is dogly or at least slighty bellow average hence but-her-face. Buttis face refers to to the male who has a hot body yet appauling face.
"Fuck Joel is a major buttis face, the body is fiiiine but that face is hellish"
by lulu February 22, 2004
2)One who is being silly
"Listen, doiko, what are you doing?"
"You're such a doiko."
by Lulu June 04, 2004