To Be Announced
This video game is TBA.
by Jackson July 28, 2003
To be Anist. To be Honest in a more funny way, meant to be confused with honest and anal.
Charlie: Hey Jeremy, hows rock lobs?

Jeremy: Tba with you charlie, it great!
by Huge charlie August 11, 2010
Toilet Bowl Action Sounds; horrendous farts, splattering noises, or any other noise coming from the toilet while taking a dump.
I should not have eaten that roach coach burrito, that thing gave me horrible TBAS.
by Megazine July 25, 2013
To be ace.

Like: to be fair, to be honest, but to be ace.

Created by Kim and Alex
I just downloaded the new The Strokes Album, tba.
by alexaddkimftw April 17, 2011
Time Based Art
Portland, OR Art Festival TBA
by kilo1 September 05, 2009
"The Blue Album"

Weezer's first album released in 1994 featuring the singles "Undone (The Sweater Song)," "Buddy Holly," and "Say It Ain't So."
I love listening to TBA!
by MasterPrime January 27, 2005
"The Black Album"
Metallica's first album with producer Bob Rock
My favorite Metallica album is TBA
by Mark Himself August 17, 2004

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