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30 definitions by LuLu

impyling that the receiver is grateful for a gift or action that has taken place
Woah, you smacked up that mean son-of-a-bitch that nicked my pint, chex dude!
by Lulu January 31, 2003
A word used by Luis. Actual definition TBA.
Other variations of the word: Cock him up, cock her up
Hey that bitch is looking at you; cock her up!
by LuLu March 02, 2004
the top of the crack of the ass; the plumber's crack
Pull up your pants. Your chunch is showing!
by lulu April 18, 2005
to be really really bad, in any way whatsoever. Ie: taste, looks, etc. Can apply to a situation.
NO way man... thats so raisin!
This crap is raisin.
I hate that girl shes so raisin.
by lulu May 08, 2004
gay, flamboyant, whatever you want to call it.
he is very cosmic when it comes to his dance moves
by lulu February 25, 2005
a person who has sexual intercourse with a different species
sometimes pat humps his dog
by lulu February 19, 2005
It is an alcoholic drink
Runnin round this bitch, pissy drunk off tha snub!
by LULU February 25, 2005