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An amazing girl who attends HWW. She brightens everyones day. Along with her awsome personality, she is a great person, and has a great body.
"Damn, i wish i was dating Ivona, i would be in heaven."
by Lt December 16, 2004
Pseudo-acronym for "fuck me in the ass," said in exasperation or when one is dicked over.
"Famita man, that bitch just cheated on me"
by LT March 29, 2003
1. A horse lover.
2. Chad Jackson
"er chizzledawg is also known as tek9master"
by LT December 16, 2003
Acronym for "Kindly Eat My Ass," used in for the most part in a light or humorous manner.
Kema man, i guess you are with my ex now.
by LT March 28, 2003
Slurred pronunciation of "damnit" as popularized by Chadder Jackson.
"Dermit Joey, you're an auk"
by LT December 16, 2003
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