42 definitions by Loz

used more by girls to describe guys as extremely hot and buff.
hey look at that guy with the long hair. he is such a heater!
by loz January 11, 2004
To pash, french kiss
Just Grab her man, she wants it
by LoZ May 17, 2003
Pal, friend, chum, mate
Whats up Lash
Pass me that fag, lash
by Loz October 18, 2003
Nickname of Sheffield United FC
The BLADES top football club in Yorkshire.
by Loz March 04, 2004
a caucasion niggaette.
niggarette:get outa ma face yo ciggarette!
by Loz January 15, 2005
A slang word for sex
Damn i'm horny for some pootang pie!
by Loz October 29, 2003
lauren, holly, hannah and leena.
goddam them bithches are hot!
by loz November 05, 2003

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