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(v) Extremely missed, though only gone for a short period of time.
Where were you yesterday? I MamixChulax'd you.
by Los March 06, 2003
N. a person who thinks they are cool and are really not, spends most of their time in chatrooms acting tough.

plural. werbs

also see: WERBERT
Zay and shaz are such werbs.
by LoS January 21, 2003
(adj) Talking about a family of hicks in a humorous manner
Did you see Joe Dirt?; That was one Natz radio host.
by Los March 09, 2003
(n) Of, belonging to, related to, or pertaining to Carlos
Don't touch Carlos's remote; it's Carol'd.
by Los March 06, 2003
another name for an igloo. may also have an unidentifiable affinity for purple elephants and naive keys. sources say a devilish pointy chin is the result of constant mafia killings.
If u dont like this doorlock, get g-lo; if you dont like this person, get g-lo.
by los January 19, 2004
Flaming faggot who's father was a drug addict.
He has it hard man; he was a Crisis child.
by Los March 06, 2003
A person (Usually a male) who tries to rap so hard, but ends up looking like a fool.
Haaa, homie in the cypher Crisis'd it.
by Los March 06, 2003
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