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<or pudwack> Similar to a jerkoff, but far more lame. One who is wack, a dick, and or pansy ass; more so than most people anyone knows. A fool, a person who should know better but stil doesn't somehow. The absolute essence wackin off embodies most actions of this person.
You Pudwack! Jerret is such a pudwack, he couldn't get laid in a morgue, with a hundred dollar bill hanging out of his fly.
by Los August 07, 2004
a disorder caused by biting your nails. over-biting your nail causes the fingernail to become tiny, allowing for the skin around to bubble up around it. the sight is quite disturbing and causes many to gag.
"omg look at ginas nails, she has really bad bubblitis. the skin on her finger justs folds over her tiny nail. its gross. she defenitly got it from biting her fingernails"
by los April 25, 2005
(v) To gun on an alcoholic father.
Mr. Ridley beat his son when he was little; who knew he'd grow up to Natz him.
by Los March 09, 2003
Origin - Roman
Greeting to any sex male or female.
Usually used in party atmosphere... bar, club, or house
"whoa big guy...where's my beer?"
by Los March 21, 2005
a killer,a bootlegger, a thief, a small time hustler, and a dealer of skittles (may be retired) who tends to run in a funny manner
I constantly have to hide my cool symbols from the igloo or else she'll chase me and Kill me with skittles.
by los January 19, 2004
(v) Dislocating a major joint while dancing
Homie tried doing the shake, and ended up just MamixChulax-ing,
by Los March 06, 2003
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