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71 definitions by Lord Grimcock

The interface between the urethra and the outside world.
We got him to confess to Jill Dando's murder by forcing hot things up his hog's eye.
by Lord Grimcock November 03, 2007
21 5
British. Swollen bollocks; overfull testicles, cliffhangers. Together with heightened aggression, cold-sweating and the shakes, symptomatic of DSB.
I gave him a right punt up the swollocks, mam.
by Lord Grimcock September 04, 2007
24 8
British. Pre-ejaculate; gleet.
Pressed against that schoolgirl's hip on the axle seat of the 57, I'm ashamed to say I involuntarily released a few drops of ball glaze as we passed over that unmade road, Father.
by Lord Grimcock September 03, 2007
23 7
One who felches goats. Or a generally defective human being.
Justin Timberlake is teh goatfelcher.
by Lord Grimcock October 14, 2007
19 4
With a loving partner, after a long night of fornication, to husband the combined essence of your ejaculate, gleet and the lady's fannybatter and, when available, menstrual runoff; to mix it with the contents of the liquor cabinet, fetch two straws and share a tall glass of the results.
The night we shared our first rainbow cocktail was the night I told her I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. Ah wait, I tell a lie - we done it once before the night you was conceived.
by Lord Grimcock September 03, 2007
27 12
A tosser from Scotland; one prone to driving a car with an 'Ecosse' bumper sticker figleafing his ingrained hatred for the English.
Your Ecosser is the best-balanced person in the world; he has a chip on both shoulders.
by Lord Grimcock October 05, 2007
24 10
Necro-Sodomising Dread Acolytes Party. The ruling faction and only political organisation permitted under the bleak, frostbitten, arcane and longed-for hegemony of Planet Norway.
When the Age of Frost begins, my grimling, this puny, lukewarm Social-Democratic state will be inverted into the billion-year NSDAP rike tyranny seamily and with the maximum of unpleasantness.
by Lord Grimcock August 11, 2008
30 17