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British. The state of the old man after multiple bouts of spirited fellatio - that is, chewed to fuck. Can lead to gangrene.
I came back from my weekend at Julie's with a cock like a bookie's biro.
by Lord Grimcock September 03, 2007
British. Pre-ejaculate; gleet.
Pressed against that schoolgirl's hip on the axle seat of the 57, I'm ashamed to say I involuntarily released a few drops of ball glaze as we passed over that unmade road, Father.
by Lord Grimcock September 03, 2007
One who felches goats. Or a generally defective human being.
Justin Timberlake is teh goatfelcher.
by Lord Grimcock October 14, 2007
With a loving partner, after a long night of fornication, to husband the combined essence of your ejaculate, gleet and the lady's fannybatter and, when available, menstrual runoff; to mix it with the contents of the liquor cabinet, fetch two straws and share a tall glass of the results.
The night we shared our first rainbow cocktail was the night I told her I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. Ah wait, I tell a lie - we done it once before the night you was conceived.
by Lord Grimcock September 03, 2007
Necro-Sodomising Dread Acolytes Party. The ruling faction and only political organisation permitted under the bleak, frostbitten, arcane and longed-for hegemony of Planet Norway.
When the Age of Frost begins, my grimling, this puny, lukewarm Social-Democratic state will be inverted into the billion-year NSDAP rike tyranny seamily and with the maximum of unpleasantness.
by Lord Grimcock August 11, 2008
A tosser from Scotland; one prone to driving a car with an 'Ecosse' bumper sticker figleafing his ingrained hatred for the English.
Your Ecosser is the best-balanced person in the world; he has a chip on both shoulders.
by Lord Grimcock October 05, 2007
Incompetently produced software, or cheap software that is an inferior knockoff of a more successful line, for example Serif PagePlus. Not as bad as cuntware, but a waste of space nonetheless.
I waited months for Master of Orion 3 and all I got was this piece of fucking spazware.
by Lord Grimcock November 30, 2007

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