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A delicious snack distributed by MasterFoods USA. It takes either a a pretzel or cracker exterior, and combines it with a filling that has multiple flavors. Most popular combinations are pizzeria pretzel, nacho cheese pretzel, cheedar cheese cracker, etc...
But, stay away from the mustard filled ones. They are poison.
by Lon May 25, 2005
Gauntlet was originally an arcade game made in the early 80's. It was one of the first "top-down" view role playing games, in which you could control one of four types of player classes. The objective of the game was to find keys and kill enemies and proceed to new rooms. Has seen many incarnations on various systems over time.
"Blue Wizard is dying, needs food badly!"
by Lon May 12, 2005
Messica just so happens to be the nickname for my girlfriend because her name is Jessica, and she's a mess. Put them together...
Heya Mess...what'd ya fuck up now?
by Lon February 24, 2005
The state of mind that a person may retain even after losing a significant amount of weight. Usually exhibited by late night food cravings, eating candy bars, and day dreaming about unhealthy foods
I knew JP still had his inner fat kid when he suggested we get buffalo wings at one in the morning.
by Lon January 07, 2008
The task of standing up and manually changing the channel on the television control panel to find something entertaining to watch while your friends and family sit there and force you to keep changing the channels.
I stood up to get some pizza, but instead, I got stuck with the Vanna White Job.
by Lon December 04, 2005
A .177 caliber gun, or ammo.
by Lon October 16, 2003
The bizzarre mood your dog is in immediately following you giving it a bath. Typical behavior includes running, jumping, barking, and generally acting crazy.
We just gave Tilly a bath, now she's jumping around, acting like a lunatic. She has the bath crazies.
by Lon December 22, 2006
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