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The name of the "scout ship" (i.e. the "paddle" you play with) in Arkanoid - Doh it Again. From this point on it will be a perfect nickname as it is both unique and an inside reference, starting with the next cat I get.
We sent our scout ship, the "Vaus" to perform initial colinization surveys.
by Bubby April 19, 2005
to not blaze (inhale the marijuana smoke)
Whoa man, he's such a vau.

I know, he doesn't even blaze.
#abstinent #lame #anti-drug #doesn't party #never parties
by katastratakron September 22, 2010
Someone who is doing something funny
You're pulling such a vau
#daurio #sex #nipples #dick #nympho #vagina #guida #jokes #hard #chupa me
by Vau January 15, 2011
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