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"Taito" - TaichixYamato : Very popular Boy's Love (Yaoi) relationship in Digimon.
Also, "Taito" shows the readers which boy takes on the more 'dominant' role("Seme") and which one takes on the more 'submissive' role ("Uke"), in this case: Taichi - Seme; Yamato - Uke.
If the roles were reversed, the pairing would not be called "Taito", rather it would be called Yamachi.
"I always knew Taichi would be a Seme, with the way he's always taking charge..."
by Sarkany March 27, 2005
frm digimon!
Taichi and Yamato having a romantic relationship. Most of the time Taichi is the dominant one. Yamachi is when Yamato is the dominant one but both can be used to just describe Taichi and Yamato having a relationship.

It totally rawks!! If you don't like it you suck!
person1: "OMGOMGOMGOMFG!! Taito fucking rocks!!"
person2: "Oh not another yaoi fangirl...."
by Taito Lurver March 09, 2005
Taito's a bloody game developer, not a yaoi thing. I mean, I like cock as much as the next man (well maybe the 10th next man, statistically speaking), but you can't go and defile the name of the company who made Bubble Bobble with your underage digimon filth. Christ.
game nerd: have you played that new Taito game?
yaoi fangirl: OMG ^_____^ THERES A TAITO GAME? THATS SO HOT ^___________________^
#arcade #video games #bubble bobble #space invaders #not digimon porn
by z.. January 03, 2007
An awesome fan made vocaloid who deserves more love. A Yandere version of Kaito who loves his icepick, is covered in bandages and self mutilates.
Vocaloid n00b: Why is kaito purple?!
Vocaloid fan: Thats not Kaito, its Taito!
#taito #shion #vocaloid #fan #made
by Essence Of Awesome March 12, 2010
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