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a popular reglion amoung celebrities who feel bad about themselves.
Paris Hilton feels bad about her sex videos, so she began to practice Kabbalah.
by Lizzle March 19, 2005
methods of holding in pee
kim crossed her legs, held her crotch and wiggled around in order to hold her pee in. it didnt work
by Lizzle May 11, 2003
1. verb- peeing
2. noun- pee
1. verb. molly was peeing over standing up with her pants on cuz she was bored.
2. noun- molly said "look, my pee on the floor"
by Lizzle May 17, 2003
you have to use the bathroom really bad and if u dont find one soon ur gonna pee yourself
girl 1- hey
girl 2- dang! i gotta go!
by Lizzle May 11, 2003
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