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The best part of the chicken.
I was pissed off because my sister took the last drumstick out of the KFC bucket of chicken.
by lisa cant January 09, 2007
A posse of attention-grabbing blonde socialites or starlets who travel in packs. See Kate Bosworth and Hilary Duff at the Zac Posen show or Theodora Richards, Gemma Ward, and Kirsten Dunst at the Dazed and Confused party.
Wow look at Kristin Cavallari and her blondtourage.
by lisa cant January 06, 2007
The most up-to-the-minute span on the term fashionista. Also see fash-insider and fasheratti.
That designer is totally chicette.
by lisa cant January 06, 2007
One who is on par with the most stylish trendsetters.
There will never be another Kate Moss-she is so chiqual.
by lisa cant January 06, 2007
Amazing Asian Beauty.
Wow Jamie is an AAB.
by Lisa Cant January 20, 2007
thats what i was gonna say
me: wow you look beautiful tonight
suck-ass: twiwgs, may i have this dance?
by Lisa Cant January 20, 2007
better be going or best be going
Me: Hey well, it was nice talking to you but I bbg.
Them: OK cya later bye.
by Lisa Cant January 20, 2007

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