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a bratty child ...especially girl... very not-fitting into today's superficial materialistic and whatever society.
didn't go to school... don't work... no make-up, no bling bling.
so my boyfriend calls me a cute lil' ragamuffin.
by Lisa June 15, 2003
when the penis is inserted or projected (whichever your preference)into the ear in a sexual manner.
when all other cavities have been covered (including nose) in a sexual manner, this is an alternative.
by Lisa January 13, 2004
1. rhythmic: on point
2. female, not old
1. drums and guitars are so together: that riff is tight!

2. I asked if he'd like to do my little sister. but he think she's too tight.
by Lisa June 15, 2003
poo on a stick that's delicious to lick
oh phooey! my fouth is sooo dry, a carrot flavored poopsicle would do the trick!
by lisa November 12, 2002
It means thanks basically...
person 1: 'Here's the book you asked for..'
you: 'Chozzle.'
by lisa March 30, 2005
realizing after the fact that you've just had sex with someone you'd slept with before... a sexual doppelganger
Samantha on Sex & the City once said to a man, mid-fuck, "Wait, a minute... I've fucked you before!"

That's a doppelbanger.
by Lisa January 30, 2004
A Big Fat Liar.
Jimmy fudged, Tonya didn't fudged in his mouth.
by Lisa July 30, 2003
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