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Scottish clan from the highlands, particularly on the Firth of Tay. John Muir, founder of the Sierra Club, is the best-known American Muir. Jeff Muir, brilliant writer, satirist, and hot hunky lover is the current reigning Muir.
Hot woman: Wow, you are so hot you are almost MUIR.
by Link Hoggthrob March 24, 2004
The vagina of a girl prone to infections, itches, bacteria, etc.
Yo G, Deb is hot and all but man she's got a petri dish on her ~ she keeps getting crabs!
by Link Hoggthrob April 01, 2004
The act of being a bratty but endearing spoiled wannabe hipster female. Satters may feel they are "middle class" even though they summer on the Vineyard and went to prep school in Switzerland. A very passionate breed.
Hipster dude: Hey, Seth, get off your vespa and listen. I dated a hot Satter last night!

Seth: Wow, that's Deck!
by Link Hoggthrob March 24, 2004
The act of "accidentally on purpose" sticking one's erect penis in one's girlfriend's bum and then feigning innocence when she squeals in frightful pain.
Yo, homes, I gave Tina the old Portland Poke last night.
by Link Hoggthrob March 24, 2004
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