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Scottish clan from the highlands, particularly on the Firth of Tay. John Muir, founder of the Sierra Club, is the best-known American Muir. Jeff Muir, brilliant writer, satirist, and hot hunky lover is the current reigning Muir.
Hot woman: Wow, you are so hot you are almost MUIR.
by Link Hoggthrob March 24, 2004
to stir things up deliberately to cause bad feelings or to load rounds and walk away allowing others to fire them
dont listen, its just another muir moment
by madog1 December 11, 2010
Term used to describe excessive anal hairgrowth.
I told her I would not go up the Oxo Tower unless she waxed that Muir.
by Dalton Dan July 17, 2008
noun: A writing program at the University of California of San Diego that rapes people with long papers.

verb: To get raped by the writing program or its papers.
(n) Wow, Muir sucks.

(v) Away Message: It's 3:47AM, I'm getting Muired right now.
by SeriphX March 08, 2005
noun. (mee-yur) or (mee-yured)
1. A military term describing someone who is grossly overweight, utter disgrace to the uniform which he wears, and in no way resembles a professional Soldier.
2. The art of malignering to such an extent that one could get out of many things yet there is absolutely nothing wrong with said person.
3. The ability to spin such a wild yarn that would fill even Jim Henson and Steven Spielberg with envy wishing they had such fictional talent. (see Bullshit)
That fucking cock-holster got shipped back over to America when there was nothing with him. The bastard still goes fishing. He definately muirred the unit.

Man, the 1SG has gained a lot of weight. He's starting to look like a muir.

BOOOOOOOOM! Did you hear that story? What a fuckin muir.
by Mayar September 18, 2006
A way of life, a Muir is a person who cleans dishes at pubs for drug money and spends the rest of his days crying over little bo peep and her lost sheep.
A muir is a viscious and mean spirited being who is often homo-satanic.

It is said that if a Muir looks at you in the eyes and sings Stairway to Heaven backwards you freeze and become a little lost sheep of his own creation.
If someobody is crying or moaning bo Peep, then you say stop being a muir

Or if a mean gremlin is attacking you for food say ' Get away you big green MUIR!!!
by Blondie Von spitzelbergenstein December 01, 2006
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