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chillin or hanging. to chill or hangout.
yo dirty boi, come lime wit me n ma boys tonight.
by Lightning Magg May 09, 2005
an alternaive name for marijuana; to burn a joint
"Eh Drew, down for an ubis?"
"Hundo, I jones."
by Lightning Magg March 16, 2008
carribean word for "whats goin on"
yo kye wapen tonight
by Lightning Magg May 09, 2005
falling, for something to fall down
yo, watch that dat ting dont be kineycating.
by Lightning Magg May 02, 2005
to jones or crave/want something
buddy, i johns that girl over there
by Lightning Magg May 04, 2005
same as (johns). to crave or desire something.to jones.
i sulk that car over there.
i'm sulking that car bro.
by Lightning Magg May 04, 2005

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