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To be assimilated into the N.A society, forgetting your own language and culture and tries to act like a white person to gain acceptance. Looked down upon both of the cultures he/she supposedly belongs in.
Connie Chung is straight up whitewashed, yo.
Ya, lookit the way she tries to act white. Pathetic
by LeonC July 28, 2003
An author who is having trouble cranking out new Harry Potter books.
Damn, he's pulling a J.K Rowling on us.
by LeonC January 27, 2003
Abbrevation for 'What would Asians Do?', referring most of the time to academic stuff.
When you can't solve a math problem, ask yourself: "WWAD?"
by LeonC January 31, 2004
Emotionless samurai. Hides death with his innocent smile
by LeonC January 27, 2003
Afraid to take a dump on public toilets because of their unsanitary nature. A common phobia in most people except for trailer park people and hobos that give out rimjobs.
"My shitphobia really gets going when I see pubic hairs on a public toilet.
by LeonC December 15, 2002
A basic log that comes out of your ass feeling like you've given birth to a friggin' porcupine. Painful.
"My diet of junk food is making me shit out spiked logs"
by LeonC December 15, 2002
Phrase used to dismiss someone, most likely directed at a male to get rid of him from a conversation.
Mason Fagpuppet: Oh my god! Did you like, see the new show on TV?
Johnny Rocketfingers: Shut up woman, the men are talking right now. Go get me a pop.
by LeonC June 10, 2003
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