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To vomit explosively, particularly after eating a meal. Use of the term "blow chow" is particularly applicable when describing the act of vomiting undigested or semi-digested food matter.
"That 3-week old macaroni I found in the fridge made me blow chow."
by Lboogie August 13, 2007
The act of putting your mouth over another person's nose and blowing forcefully. Often accomplished by sneak attack, under the guise of going in for a kiss.
You deserve a snorkie, Steve.
by Lboogie August 13, 2007
The act of swiftly blowing a belch back into the face of the person who emitted it.
"When Steve blew a hot dog flavored burp into my face, he had no idea I'd reciprocate with a forceful, well-timed blowback."
by Lboogie August 13, 2007
A democratic worker organization that enables employees to join together with one another in order to negotiate compensation, benefits, working conditions, and other terms of employment with their employer. Unions ensure that employers are 1) fair, 2) accountable and 3) responsive to employee concerns. Unions establish a process by which to deal with workplace issues and ensure that said process is applied evenly to employees.
By joining together with my coworkers to form a union, we fought for and won better benefits and a voice at work.
by Lboogie August 13, 2007
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