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someone who is too cowardly to do something, they don't have enough balls
Paul backed out of that fight, he's a lapper

He was too much of a lapper to kiss me
by eljx June 25, 2005
A lapper is when one individual is taking a poop and a second individual sits on his/her lap to drop a log between the original pooper's legs.
Jack: "Scott, all those beans we ate earlier are making me have to take a poop."
Scott: "No way, me too. We should totally take a lapper."
by Smileywords June 02, 2015
British public schoolboy term for a laptop computer.
"Lets go and log on to our lappers"
by Ed Pyke September 15, 2005
Anyone who is profecient in the art of cunnilingus
Man Harry's girl told me he is one hell of a lapper but I wouln'dt eat her anyhow.
by Chickenman June 12, 2003
a woman who likes women
Jessica may be attractive, Ed, but she's a lapper!
by mindy June 06, 2003
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