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someone who is too cowardly to do something, they don't have enough balls
Paul backed out of that fight, he's a lapper

He was too much of a lapper to kiss me
by eljx June 25, 2005
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someone who performs oral sex on a female.
He's such a lapper, he laps her all night.
by jondoe156 December 22, 2009
British public schoolboy term for a laptop computer.
"Lets go and log on to our lappers"
by Ed Pyke September 15, 2005
A lip of chewing tobacco.
You wanna pack a lapper on the way there?
by Josh Clark January 18, 2007
Anyone who is profecient in the art of cunnilingus
Man Harry's girl told me he is one hell of a lapper but I wouln'dt eat her anyhow.
by Chickenman June 12, 2003
a woman who likes women
Jessica may be attractive, Ed, but she's a lapper!
by mindy June 06, 2003
a person who has oral sex with a woman
He claimed he was an avid lapper but was an all around virgin.
by The return of Light Joker June 01, 2010

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