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The act of ejaculating into your sexual partner's hair and rubbing it into the scalp. Origin of the word Milwaukee in the definition remains unknown. Some believe it is because it originated in Milwaukee, others believe it is due to the state of Wisconsin's heavy snowfall.
Woman 1:"I couldn't believe that douche bag!"
Woman 2:"What did your man do this time?"
Woman 1:"Without warning he gave me a Milwaukee blizzard during sex last night! It took forever to get out!"
Woman 2:"Haha! Oh shit, I thought you just had dandruff!"
Woman 1:"You mean I didn't get it all out?!?"
#bukkakke #creaming #sex acts #head and shoulders #milwaukee #blizzard
by Laser Fight March 21, 2008
A.K.A. Chuck Nuisance
A person who uses every opportunity possible to tell a Chuck Norris Fact. These people know all of the most popular Chuck Norris Facts, and retell them to any person within earshot. They are often the Karen of the group.
Dillan: "Did you know Chuck Norris has a night light? Not because he is afraid of the dark, but because the dark is
afraid of Chuck Norris."

Ryan: "That's the fifth one he's cranked out this minute..."

Dillan: "Chuck Norris doesn't have internal organs. He got rid of them in the seventies to make room for more muscles."

Aaron: "For the love of GOD. Who invited this Chucknoyance?"

Dillan: "Don't you mean, 'For the love of Chuck Norris?'"

Ryan: "SHUT UP. If I hear one more fucking Chuck Norris Fact I will call Chuck up and have him roundhouse kick you into the pits of HELL!"

Aaron: "Dillan, you are a failure at life. The world hates you."
#chuck #norris #chuck norris #chuck norris facts #douche bag #karen #nuisance #annoying
by Laser Fight March 21, 2008
One partner defecates without wiping. Then before, during and/or after sexual intercourse this person will wipe the filthy anus on the second partner, like a chihuahua wipes on a carpet.
I didn't know my girlfriend was so kinky...she made me get a filthy chihuahua...I have a feeling we won't be together much longer.
#wipe #pooh #chihuahua #kinky #sexcapades #filthy #delicious
by Laser Fight March 21, 2008
To have sex and/or achieve orgasm during yoga.
David remembers the first time he met his wife. She was a yoga instructor at the gym he worked out at. Each anniversary they celebrate their meeting with a romantic Mr. Fantastic after dinner.
#yoga #flexible #bendy #sexcapades #stretch #pretzel
by Laser Fight March 21, 2008
To wrap at least three rubber bands around one's penis before sex, acting like a ribbed condom, while still letting semen to pass through.
Terry wanted to be ribbed for her pleasure, but was a catholic and didn't want to anger god. The elasdick seemed like an obvious choice.
#ribbed condom #rubber band #modifacation #selflessness #t.i.
by Laser Fight March 21, 2008
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