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home to oatley campus, possibly the only reason why i will tell people to avoid that area!
Me: Hey look my car is getting stripped of its parts!
Friend: Its ok! You can just buy it all back with heorin
by LaRgO November 14, 2004
Rumoured to be of existance, they surpass the super bro

Rarely seen in the same group, if 3 or more ultra bro's are within the same 1km radius, ground shakes, it rains tobacco & WRX parts

Ultra bro's can deflect bro explosion attack by returning masses of stupid results, only the 4 unit maths students have chance to defeat them by launching conics and calculus equations

They have an amazing dozen word vocabulary, have an amazing concetration span of 15 minutes

The existance of ultra bro's is evident, as destroyed letter boxes with sticks as a signiture of ultra bro's in the area
standard nerd: 2x + 3x = 5x
standard bro: *bro explosion*
standard nerd: *explode*
4 unit student: (p*(1-x/(b-a))+(q*(1-k)^2+p*(1-(1-k)^2) )*x/(b-a),
ultra bro: *explosion*
by LaRgO December 02, 2004
L33T Member of CE, known very well. Complete nutter, will overclock anything! Even overclocked his Laptop!
Jordan: Hey Robb!
Largo: WTF?
Jordan: Sorry, Largo :P
by Largo March 28, 2005
A common ultra bro attack, it is when a stare is given, usually lasts for several seconds, if the person who is being stared out lacks intelligence and/or maths equations, they suddenly explode, 4 unit students can reflect it by holding up a cross made of 4 unit maths equations
*ultra bro stare*
*general maths student explodes*
*4 unit maths students deflects attack*
*bro explosion*
by LaRgO December 06, 2004
A respectable member of GNAA and an old member of Cube-Europe.
He is known for his spamming, scripts, and finding insecuritie on message boards.
He is apart of an Uber-L33T group of friends known as the "Uber-L33Ts".

The group consists of members from Cube-Europe known as Largo, Piro, Jordan, Zeikfriend, AppleNdiB, Tendo, Fred, and Athriller. All of who all meet up regularly for LAN, drinking and casual pissing about.
Jordan: I just got LAID!!! :D
Largo: Yeah right!
Piro: Thats believably :P
Zeikfried: Was the assailant male or female, four legs?
Tendo: HAHAHA!
Athriller: This is one random topic!
Jordan: You guys suck!
Zeikfried: So yeah it wasnt Female :P
by Largo March 28, 2005
To make someone stop talking without making it seem to obvious.
Jerry: I just pissed in your mums tea!
Tony: Shh!
by Largo November 29, 2003
said really fast and quietly to yourself, meant to point out odd situations

cant extend the this to thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis to emphasise the point
Person with wierd head: *walks by*
me: this cunt

*during playing BF1942*
Soldier1: *runs in front of you and has a wierd name*
me: thiiiiiiiiis cunt
by LaRgO October 18, 2004

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