27 definitions by Largo

less vulgar way of saying this cunt, usually when something odd happends, you say it really fast with disbelief

usually said when girls are present
*scenario when girls are around*
guy: *guy runs up wall then does the splits*
by LaRgO October 18, 2004
An Idiot from Texas; see Kozol
That guy is such a gardener
by Largo September 24, 2004
walking carpart!
by LaRgO November 09, 2003
When a man and women of different colours have sex
You sir, are a topdeck!
by LaRgO April 25, 2005
aussie dominated area of sydney

only known place in sydney not to have lebs in it
sutherland is a nice place, too many fkn bush fires
by largo September 17, 2004
the old term given in the mid 90s to lebs
aussie: look at those wallahs!
leb: WHAT! *bash up aussie*
by largo February 15, 2005
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