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Lovely country with great beaches, ladies and of course the occasional alcohol beverage.

Becoming well known to be greatest inventors of all time with inventions such as democracy, maths, science, medicine and other amazing things
racist australian: omg wogs are crap go back to your own country
largo: omg please name your ancestors!
racist australian: oh it goes back to bill who shot people, ted who stole things and good ol' granny who gunned down the police officer for no reason
largo: oh how intruiging, what have your people actually invented
racist australian: how a great land can be given to criminals and turn out shit
largo: i see ....
by largo December 19, 2003
the two reasons why the world currently is a peice of shit
Religion: FOR ALLAH! *explosion*
Politics: FOR OIL! *invade middle east*
by largo September 27, 2004
greek for 'wanker'
used often in a workplace where there is a majority of greeks present
worker1: YOU MALAKA!
worker2: heh ... yeh
by LaRgO October 19, 2004
The decade I grew up in, techno in its abundance, 1995 era music of techno/house rocked

then in 1997 the birth of Wild FM, sparked a series of music phase known as trance
The music back in the 90s even though old, is still one of a kind, nothing today is like it and brings back great memories
by LaRgO November 05, 2004
His voice can turn into a 12 white year old girl, then into a 30 year old black man in a matter of seconds, Talented bastard

Also resembles gary coleman
Holy shit is that gary coleman?
by LaRgO November 23, 2004
Public transport in sydney, use for the trains and known for dodgy trains
The most unreliable peice of shit public transport in the world!

Announcement: This train has been cancelled by 460 minutes! Cityrail apologizes for any inconvenience
Me: ...
by LaRgO October 31, 2004
Short way of saying "well heyyyyyyy!"

Wheyy can be used in many situations to make something seems controversal
me: you are such a slut!
jared: i sure am!
me: i wasnt talking about you! *glance at girls in front*
both: wheyyyyyy!


teacher: first official warning!
by LaRgO November 02, 2004
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