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Public transport in sydney, use for the trains and known for dodgy trains
The most unreliable peice of shit public transport in the world!

Announcement: This train has been cancelled by 460 minutes! Cityrail apologizes for any inconvenience
Me: ...
by LaRgO October 31, 2004
The name of the transport system in NSW. Completely and utterly unreliable, guaranteed to make you late every time you catch it with the added bonus of crowded carriages and obnoxious smelly passengers. Features include randomly stopping in the middle of nowhere for no reason or explanation, habitual lateness and almost every station's background music is "the train on platform x is delayed by approximately 7000 minutes". Most of the drivers are nice though.
Driver this morning "Big surprise passengers, this train is delayed due to trackwork ahead. Cityrail apologises."
by Lorenna January 18, 2006
The choo choo service in Sydney, Australia and other surrounding intercity areas. It is a rail system that has been building since 1855 and now is (not so) complete with 302 bin-less, terrorist targeted stations each connected by 2,060 km of shoty ladder laid down on dirt; naming it "one of the most complex commuter rail systems in the world", hence the most unreliable. In 2006, CityRail run 12 different types of double decked rail car, in which only 2 of those run on a day-to-day basis because they are simply just too tired.

The service is also sometimes referred to by friendly commuters that are late to work everyday as ShityRail, CitDeRail and CityFail.
Ben: OMG!
David: What!?
Ben: A moving CityRail train!!
David: Don't be an idiot.
by [Your Name] November 17, 2007
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