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when you get tackeled in sport real hard. You get knocked out your cleats (shoes).
Boy, that guy just got it De-cleated! He went nowhere fast.
by Lamonator December 20, 2004
When you've been going out with your girlfriend for ages but you're gonna end things cause you know she's been secretly cheating on you so you find her favourite cuddley toy. Once you have it, have a wank and ejaculate on it and leave it on her bed for to hug that night when she's feeling lonely after you've ended things with her.
"I sure wish i didn't cheat on *some guy*. Not only does everyone know I'm a dirty tramp, but *some guy* ended things with me. Not only that, but I woke up this morning with my favourite toy, stinkingly stuck to my pus!"
by Lamonator December 22, 2004
An act that can be seen as a crime in some places. To sneak/creap about the place in a dodgey manner.
Hey you boi, quit your loc'n!! none of that shit round here
by Lamonator April 30, 2005
When a guy is doing a girlk up the ass and is real high on drugs, he feels he loves her so bad that he staples hes nut sac to one of her ass cheeks. Later realising what an absolute bell-end he is!!!
Dude... i thought i loved her, so i gave her the Pomoculus
by Lamonator December 21, 2004
something that is absolutely huge can be referred to as chonder
That guys dick last night was absolutely Chonder
by Lamonator December 20, 2004
This guy is amazing. He's never off the dance floor apart from to get a drink... and when he gets the drink, it's only water!!! This guy should be given an award... if anyone's in Perth, goto Whispers Nightclub and witness this guy. His moves are what ledgends can only dream of!
random 1:"hey man, who the hell's that?"
random 2:"thats Dancing-Guy man, he's tha bomb. He owns the dancefloor"
random 1"aww, where's he off to?"
random 2"for a drink... of water!!!"
by Lamonator December 22, 2004
Hahahahahaha.... Gooks.

A.K.A Peeps with small, slanty eyes. No offence... Life's a bitch!
"You ballin tomorrow?"
"Too rite. You canny beat rippin the Morrisons Gooks to Pieces!!!"
"Hahahaha, true!"
by Lamonator February 15, 2005

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