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It's the interactive space of the Internet. It's another world, where the time-space continuum is warped. Reality is on a plane different than the world of IRL aka "in real life". People can morph and be many different personas. Madness runs rampant. Maniacs float through the ether freely. Isolated individuals can connect with other humans in Cyberia. Different countries in Cyberia are bulletin boards, usenet, blogs and blogsites like Live Journal and E Blogger, websites with discussion boards, dating sites like OK Cupid!, special interest websites like imdb.
A recluse for years, the computer programmer finally made human contact in Cyberia, at
by MsLi December 10, 2005
A very cold place where cyber criminals should be sent for a long time
I sent him to Cyberia
by Peter N Carr July 16, 2006
A very cold and lonely place in cyberspace where cyber criminals, terrorists,cheats and rapists should be sent
Fuck off to cyberia dickhead
by Peter N Carr July 16, 2006
The name of a cyber cafe in the Anime series "Serial Experiments: Lain"...
In episode 1, Alice invites Lain to accompany her and her friends to Cyberia....

When she finally goes, some patrons believe they've seen Lain before, but older looking...
by chetmo July 10, 2008
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