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dark as night, or mysterious.
Laaaaila, you got me on my knees LAILA. I'm beggin darlin please, Laila. Darlin, won't you ease my worried mind.
by Laila October 11, 2004
A girl or guy who is worse than being shat.
See Shat
"Lena was an honorary shatback...all her life"
by Laila March 30, 2004
A girl or a guy who doesn't really look good at all, meaning he or she is worse that shit.
"damn man, Keisha is Shat!"
by Laila March 30, 2004
Started at YOT...

According to Hp: Vaguely sexual feminine thing that people are too afraid to ask about.

According to Flem: One of those girly things you don't need to know about.
Are you flustrating?
by Laila January 11, 2005
An impecible force that first emerges deep within someone's soul which may aid you in things such as Track and Field. However, if this force is used in too much of a concentrated area, then the force is too powerful for one to handle. may result in blackouts.
"I Shall use...THE POWER OF MARG!"
"Marg has failed us once again..."
by Laila March 16, 2005
you femaile horse up to the age of two years.
I"m selling that paint fill for $500.
by Laila May 19, 2004
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