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1984 (verb) - Anything that a government does to control people, brainwash people, or take away their rights.
"George Bush 1984s people into making them vote for him"
by Lady Stardust September 09, 2004
A noun used to describe twenty dollars worth of marijuana.
"Let me get a twizzle from you?"
"I rolled up that twizzle"
by Lady Stardust September 09, 2004
Boint is a noun that means a blunt that is wrapped over in rolling paper. It is not a joint, not a blunt, but a boint. A boint is usually made if the blunt is not smokable, and it needs to be fixed.
"That is a large boint"
"We have to smoke a boint, William fucked up the blunt"
by Lady Stardust September 09, 2004
A slang term for a dime of weed.
"Yo, you still holdin' dizzles? Let me get one!"
by Lady Stardust September 09, 2004
1. Taps (noun) - used to describe the rule in which the first person who taps the person who rolled the blunt hits it next. The person who taps that person goes after him/her, and so on.

Ex: Mary rolled the blunt. Lucy tapped Mary, and she gets the blunt next. Gary tapped Mary, so Mary passes the blunt to him next.

2. Taps (verb) - The act on tapping someone in order to get the blunt next.

3. Taps song:
"taps rules everything around me
kid taps my arm
or you don't hit the blunt
"I called taps aready, so the blunt goes to me"
"I taps his arm to get the blunt"
by Lady Stardust September 09, 2004
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