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a homosexual homeless person.
usually identifyable because the homeless person "looks" gay.
Jess: "Hahaha, check out that homobo."
Laura: "Dont hate on the poor guy, i like his style."
by stfu-bxtch(: December 12, 2009
A homeless gay person. Contraction of the words "homo" and "hobo".
Superman is such a homobo. Spandex suit and underwear on the outside?
by Krisko Disko May 05, 2006
One who is both a homosexual and a hobo
One who looks like a homosexual hobo
1:Eyy did you see James today?
2:Oh, yeah man, he so looked like a homobo today.
by Mr.HoboKarma November 09, 2011
Basically a homosexual hobo who may possibly try to rape any passing male.
omg run it a fucking homobo
by Fungi June 20, 2007
a homobo is a homosexual hobo or homeless person
you are such a homobo you homeless homosexual
by poo poo head June 13, 2006
A homeless man or vagrant, who is also gay.
"That homeless guy just flashed his wiener at me!"

"Dude, he must be a homobo..."
by tubular senor rad June 15, 2009
1. a homosexual hobo
2. a homophobic hobo
3. a homeless hobo
1. EWWW!!! did you see those two homobos
2. that hobo is such a homobo
3. poor guy he must be a homobo
by Kittie J March 15, 2009

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