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verb; making out passionately
lets go snog while my parents are gone
by lindsey February 24, 2005
A real language that girls use to tell each other things so boys won't know what they're saying.
dithagont yithagou withagish yithagou nithagew jithagibbithagerithagish ?
by Lindsey April 27, 2004
To Urinate. Originated from japanese in Hawaii. It is in the pidgin english family of words
I gotta go shishi, girlfren. Wea da bachroom?
by Lindsey April 21, 2003
When someone pulls out a girls bloody tampon with their teeth. Then they shake their head back and fourth with it in their mouth making red marks on their cheeks. This makes them look like an idian chief.
My boyfriend gave me a chief joseph today and boy did he have some indian marks.
by Lindsey May 20, 2003
Ryan Dunn/Plugs
"I'm about to get yanked the fuck off this bike."-RD, Jackass
by Lindsey February 14, 2004
During the age of youth. Young childhood. When you were a child and you had boogers dripping down your nose.
Hooo, rememba back in da hanabada days wen you went play football in da streets, los yo slippahs, got lickens from yo mom?
by Lindsey April 21, 2003
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