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Military acronym:
Put in another bad situation
by LB February 25, 2005
Someone that is sheltered from modern society by being from the sticks.
Jethro from the Beverly Hillbillies is a country bumpkin.
by LB March 31, 2004
To disappear.
You'd better vamoose before my girlfriend catches us.
by LB March 31, 2004
To have a lot of money. Prominently featured in the country-western song "High Cotton" by Alabama
When we were kids, we thought we were in high cotton if we had a dollar.
by LB March 31, 2004
v. to communicate via telephone with friends or family in a maner resembling chat
janna sure is clikclakking up when she should be doing her homework
by lb February 25, 2004
Charismatic frontman for Australian band Grinspoon. Self-confident, crazy-dancing, rock-posing, vodka-drinking motherfucker on stage. He puts on one hell of a show. He is the master of rock'n'roll performance.
"Hey did you see at the KISS concert, when Grinspoon opened, how Phil gave it straight back to those fat bikie KISS fans who were yelling at him to get off the stage?"
"Yeah! Didnt he like throw a beer at them, wish them the blessings of God, before dedicating the song 'More Than You Are' to them?
"Exactly. I love that guy."
"Me too."
by lb January 26, 2005
Extremly excited-horny
Damn it, I'm all Bitched up, I need to find a man to put the boots to me!
by LB May 06, 2005
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