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Shit, damn, crap
Holy shiz-not thats hot!
by lb December 03, 2003
(N.) The dirty water that is ejected after injecting a stream of water, often containing medicinal or cleansing agents, into the vagina.

Also a person who in a room full of douche bags stands out as being the king of them all.
Person A: That Dave guy is such a douche bag, i just want to punch him in the face.
Person B: Na man he's definately way worse than that, he's absolute douche water.
by LB February 08, 2005
v. literally, to have sex with a male or female cat. (see "Jax" or "pussy on the face")
"Oof, that cat's a hotty. I'm gonna do it in the kitty butt."
by LB November 26, 2003
A man in Florida named John Peckerhead
John August
by LB February 10, 2004
someone with mental health problems who may be understood
eg g egh eyhftduijkl,.nki u87mq1 nfu6jkm
by LB November 24, 2003
a rare breed of inbreed from the upper pennensula of michigan
hi, i'm a yooper. do you know what a yooper is?
by lb March 18, 2005

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