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1) A landing strip or patch of female pubic hair.

2) A term for a slutty friend
1) Crystal shaved the letter C on her snatchpatch.

2) Hey Snatchpatch! What are you doing tonight?
by LAVixen October 22, 2007
A nickname for anyone named Austin.
An abbreviation for ostentatious.
Austin + ostentatious= Tatious
Oh, that Tatious he sure has issues!
by LAVixen October 20, 2007
A code word for Sugardaddies used by gold diggers. It comes from Seeking Arrangement
I have a date with a S A tonight. I hope he gives me lots of money!
by LAVixen October 20, 2007
The plural of hilarious; meaning more funny than hilarious.
Hope constantly cracks me up. She is absolutely hilar-e-i!
by LAVixen October 22, 2007
Someone who is coked out of their skull; talking jibberish, having hallucinations, annoying the shit out of everyone.
Kate is a criznaster disaster!
by LAVixen October 20, 2007
A word for cocaine & sometimes crystal meth
Who brought the criznaster? I feel like partying tonight.
by LAVixen October 20, 2007
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