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pubic hair, particularly emphasizing revelation of color.
"Was she a real blonde?"
"How could you tell?"
"Her snatchpatch told she was a brunette in disguise."
by Zane327 October 14, 2009
Term for women who don't shave down there.
She has a snatch patch.
by James Henry July 20, 2004
this ones a 2-fer
a soul patch near the pussy
a birth control patch
dude i faucked this chick w/ out a condom but she had the snatch patch so im straight
by dildoman December 04, 2007
1) A landing strip or patch of female pubic hair.

2) A term for a slutty friend
1) Crystal shaved the letter C on her snatchpatch.

2) Hey Snatchpatch! What are you doing tonight?
by LAVixen October 22, 2007
Article of clothing worn by women to cover their lady parts 'down there', which is juuuuust big enough to do the job. Can be underwear, swimwear, random item worn during a walk of shame, etc.
"Hey, man, check out that chick! She's not wearing any panties, man."

"Sadly, she is. She's wearing a snatch patch."
by bhalrog December 05, 2012
The unruly part of one's pubic hair that fluffs out of her bikini bottoms.
Tiffany: "Damn, what's up with the snatch patch?"

Amber: "I, like, totally forgot to shave this morning."
by Ali Cat August 21, 2013
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