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A town in North East Lincolnshire. Does NOT smell of fish in the slightest, although don't go near the fishing docks without a gas mask.

Infested with chavs, also full of attention-seeking fucking emos.

The town is split up into main 'estates', there's usually fights between the estates, which people usually don't turn up to, as most fights are all mouth and headlocks.
Dickhead #1: I iz frm nunsthorpe n i wil kik da shit out ov u
Dickhead #2: ye rite m8, i iz from yarborough n i wil kik da shit out ov u
Normal Person: Fucking morons, i can't wait until i get out of shitty grimsby.
by Kyle Frith November 19, 2006
The farts that occur before and after a person has had a shit.
Kevin: Dude, i sharted for 20 minutes but nothing came out!
Kyle: Erm...Thanks for sharing that.
by Kyle Frith November 19, 2006
1# Someone who leeches off other people.

2# Round here some people say 'mooch' instead of 'walk'.
Dave: Give me some food you tosser, i'm hungry!
Mike: Fuck off you fat greedy piece of shit.

Susan: Fancy a mooch?
Dave: Wha? Mooch? Doesn't that mean kiss?
Tom: That's smooch you dumb fuck.
by Kyle Frith November 20, 2006
Gaelic for "Becoming one with the hippo tank". This has become a widely used phrase in online games to express one's superiority.
Guy #1: Dude. You're so Adelais.
Guy #2 Yea. Dark Slayers are fags, I must agree.
by Kyle Frith March 18, 2007
TittyBangBang is an extremely awful, non-funny British sitcom.

Everyone i know hates it, but critics seem to love it.
Kyle: Man TittyBangBang really blows.
Sam: Haha you said Titty!! I'm telling your mum!
Kyle: ...
Kyle: Fucking kill yourself.
by kyle frith November 23, 2006

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