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TittyBangBang is an extremely awful, non-funny British sitcom.

Everyone i know hates it, but critics seem to love it.
Kyle: Man TittyBangBang really blows.
Sam: Haha you said Titty!! I'm telling your mum!
Kyle: ...
Kyle: Fucking kill yourself.
by kyle frith November 23, 2006
Proof that the BBC couldn't give a toss about its audience. They refused to make any more series of decent shows like Red Dwarf and yet churn out dreck like this. Basically each show consists of the same characters telling the same jokes. Shows like this can work if the characters have depth to them and there's something to laugh at other than just mind-numbing catchphrases (Little Britain, for example, the funniest sketch show in many years). But here we have one-dimensional characters you couldn't care less about, swearing and obscenities as an alternative to humour and sketches like Salty Tales, the Rasta fans and the movie stars which don't seem to have any kind of point to them at all. The real shame is that, with two female leads who can do a wide range of characters and a star-studded supporting cast, this could have been great. Unfortunately someone forgot that comedy sketch shows are actually supposed to be funny.
Due to the unique way the BBC is funded by you, the licence-payer, we can show shit like Tittybangbang and don't even bother if nobody watches it because we'll still have got your money.
by Stormsworder June 22, 2009
When you have sex with someone and your all over those titties
dam i was totally titty bang banging that girl last night
by jhony test May 15, 2014

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