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'A bunch of lousy hippocrates.'
Adelais is a high ranking clan in Runescape originating from a clan called Phobia. Adelais literally means 'of noble born' and is a name popular globally.
Yo THE clan just got whopped by Adelais
by Adel Sam February 19, 2008
Gaelic for "Becoming one with the hippo tank". This has become a widely used phrase in online games to express one's superiority.
Guy #1: Dude. You're so Adelais.
Guy #2 Yea. Dark Slayers are fags, I must agree.
by Kyle Frith March 18, 2007
Latin for "a menstruating female"
"hey man, whats up with your girlfriend?"
"oh her? shes just an adelais"
by TheLordGod October 18, 2006
A fairly popular Runescape clan (brake off from Phobia), known for 'ballin!' Although very overated, Adelais thinks to themself they are a top ranked clan, thinking they are the best with their such odd and unusual tactics such as cape switching, spying, bringing "a few clan friends" to pk trips (great tactic), and last but not least, flaming, oh boy thats a big one. Intelligence in Adelais is very low, peices of writing over 5 sentences is unreadable to most Adelais, and serious posts on their forums don't exist (unless sarcastic.)
LOL! We beat DI with only a "few" Df friends, we should be ranked #1 now! lol adelais for #1. lol ballin.

That guy just cheated.
Oh him, he's just an Adelais member.
by Marrylyn Joe March 14, 2007
A noobie runescape clan that got owned by Tdm
"Wow, we totally got owned by tdm and pretend they cheated, we (adelais) are big noobs"
by Monkeigh March 08, 2008
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