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Love You To is a song by the Beatles from their 1966 album Revolver. It is considered an important track by them because it was their first song that seriously attempted to incorporate classical Indian music with rock.

It was written and sung by George Harrison, who was learning the sitar from the esteemed Indian musician Ravi Shankar. The song features a sitar, a tabla, a tambourine and Tamboura Drone. Ringo Starr was the only other Beatle who played on this track (he was on the tambourine).

A few years later, the intro of the song was used in The Beatles animated film Yellow Submarine when George's character is first introduced.
"Wow, that Beatles song, Love You To, is great!"

"Yeah, it's Harrison's first true musical expirament into Indian culture and tradition, and thus is the precursor for other Indian-themed Beatles songs such as Within You, Without You and I, Me, Mine."

"Geez, How d'you know so much?"

"Urban Dictionary. Tells you all you need to know."
by KushPuppet February 21, 2007
Camp Mather is a family camp in the Yosemite Valley of California. It is open almost all summer long. While the sound of a “family camp” may be unattractive to most teenagers, Mather is actually extremely fun. One usually spends little to no time actually with their parents (one doesn't even have to go with their parents), and instead spends the week bicycling throughout the camp (if you brought one) with one’s friends, playing in the lake, doing frisbee, soccer, bocce ball or beach volleyball on the lake lawn, baseball and all of the above on the baseball field and adjacent lawn, ping-pong, badminton, or basketball anywhere else, chilling out by the General Store, and pretty much just about anything imaginable (like hitting some dank bud that you brought up there with some friends—it’s a real chill atmosphere, perfect for toking up. Just don’t let the Camp Staff catch you). Also, all three meals are served at the mess hall (the foods real good, too), and there are tons of other activities to do too, like archery, horse-back riding, etc. But despite everything, it’s still pretty loose, and not yuppie-ish at all (as some people might think). All in all, its one of the most fun places to stay at, as long as you have some friends with you and a bike.
"Man, I'm so glad I'm gonna chill up at Mather this summer. Mather kicks Tawonga's ass!"

Mather = Camp Mather

The correct pronunciation is "May-ther" but some people do it "Mah-ther" and I'm sure that it's wrong.
by KushPuppet February 21, 2007

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