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Another spelling of the word 'Pie'
omg t3h pai
by Kuroneko August 09, 2003
A mechanized warfare mod for Half-life 2
"Dude! You wanna go play WG2200 and go pwn some nubz?"
by Kuroneko July 19, 2003
(Abreviation) Fair Enough
by Kuroneko April 07, 2003
Want the real definition? See KKK!
Ummmmm...no comment.
by KuroNeko December 04, 2003
A number sequence typed into calculators or other digital devices by immature junior high students to display a naughty yet juvenile message. The message, when flipped upside down, clearly reads, "BOOBLESS."

See also 7734206
Bobby: "Hey, look at this!"
Johnny: "What?"
Bobby: "This describes our stupid teacher... ::types into calculator, holds it up to Johnny::
...she's BOOBLESS!!!"
by kuroneko August 21, 2003
A combat weapon in Natural-Selection used to heat up aliens to very high tempatures to annoy them.
Marine: DIE ONOS!!!111
Onos: Stop that. *chomp*
by Kuroneko September 21, 2003
An extremely accented version of "nevar"
Wanna go screw some guyz?
by Kuroneko November 13, 2003
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