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A man who welds metals together using one of the most hardest skill sets.

One Bad Motherfucker.
A man that ain't got time for your shit.
Beer Drinker.
Can be a real some-bitch.
Proud of it.
Jim- Hey mark, isn't james a welder?
Mark- Yeah, thats one bad some-bitch right there.
by Thatmexicanguy April 20, 2015
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A no count, knee pad wearing, child support dodgin truck trashing barroom bully who can't pass a f****** test to be An inspector☆☆☆
hell no I ain't a welder I don't suck dick or play with Barbies either
by Silver dollar March 14, 2015
A combat weapon in Natural-Selection used to heat up aliens to very high tempatures to annoy them.
Marine: DIE ONOS!!!111
Onos: Stop that. *chomp*
by Kuroneko September 21, 2003
A non-combat weapon in the mod WordNatural-SelectionWord who people use to repair structures or close/open certain areas.
Marine - Comm give me a welder plz
Alien - They have welded this vent, were fucked
by Nomble August 15, 2003

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