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gross and dirty
wow, that girl is grody
by kt September 30, 2003
jack hu ya tryna kid wit da size ov ya dik lol its tiny!!!! lol glad sum1 uva dan uz lot noticed ur blushered cheeks lmao, o0o0o0o ow funi eh an o ye stop rytin stuff aba urself sayin stuff da ur blantenly da opposite 2 haha u chav o w8 WANA B chav
o0o0o0o0 yeh jack geta grip wil ye!! wen ppl c u in da winda dey get confused weva der in da red lite district or juz bi ur ouse cos ya so red n brite !!!! LMFAO
by Kt April 23, 2005
so amazingly annoying that there can be no other explanation other than the above
"hey i was trying to take a nap and our neighbors were being really FATTASTIC again"- so says Melissa
by kt April 07, 2005
MY best friend she is so damn awsome! she is the best damn sk8er chick in this hella town! she is always there for me and she will always be my sexi sk8er
1.can do the best almost ollie
by KT March 22, 2005
ted reilly. no matter how many times he denies it, he is the one and only true chief.
wow, ted is in chief denial.
by kt June 20, 2003
ur mom in a can
U stands for U M stands for Mom I stands for IN A stands for A C stands for CAN
by kt September 06, 2003
ARIZONA. a state that is filled with a bunch of low lifed tweakers.
person: where do u live?
person #2: arizona
person: isn't that the valley of the sun?
person #2: more like valley of the spun
by kt March 17, 2005

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