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A person who argues just for the sake of arguing on a message board.
Man, he is such a Tarb!
by KT October 04, 2004
abbreviated form of tarbaby
I smell tarb...
by the Master himself September 18, 2009
Tarb, derived from the backwards spelling of brat, meaning worse than a brat, an annyoing person etc.
Xiomara, your such a fucking tarb, go away!
by lezbianca November 26, 2004
an all purpose word that mad pimps/bros use to replace any word chosen by the user

see also:skizz
1 - Lets go tarb some bitches
2 - Piranha 3d was super tarb
3 - I just tarbed all over her hair. it was dank
4 - Hey bro, come tarb up this bong with me
by n00bTrev August 23, 2010