34 definitions by Krista

beautiful; pretty
Look at that painting! it's so perdiful!
by krista November 07, 2002
The poop of a mammel that has hoofs, the males have antlers, and belongs to the family Cervidae.
My dog eats deer poof.
by Krista November 30, 2004
Haha! I just amde this word up!
"BEEPLEDUNG! What the fuck...."
by Krista November 18, 2003
Newsmedia Corperation in Chicago.
1. I checked the MAISNER yesterday for the Cubs score...
by Krista November 14, 2004
Another word for gynecologist, often used by immature teenage girls.
Betney seemed almost pleased with her visit to the cooter doctor: Reallythoughseriously, it was bad at all!"
by Krista July 14, 2004
A Person who is addicted to Alcohol Weed and Crack All at once
Person One: Wow I saw Boris last weekend at that keg party, he has turned into such an alowack
Person Two: My aunt is an Alowack!
Person Three: What is an Alowack?
Person One: A person who does alcohol, weed and crack
Person Three: I guess that makes me an Alowack
by Krista February 23, 2004
ask me a question
You wanna know my name? shoot!
by Krista January 20, 2003

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