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A word, devised by Elijah Wood fangirls, that means to simultaneously fuck and hug someone, usually Elijah Wood.
I REALLY wanna fuhug Elijah 'cos he's one sexy beast!
by Krista November 16, 2003
Our friend Matt is allergic to bee stings and was stung at work. The hard worker that he is- he refused to leave work after being stung, and was found half passed out in an awkward position by his boss.
Where's Joe? Aw man- he's been beestinging it all day!
by krista September 13, 2004
a.k.a. "the bucket", "the trash basket", MB

massachusetts and new hampshire supermarket chain. motto: "market basket, where you can get more for your dollar". characterized by cheap pay and horrible working conditions (crabby old ladies, leaky chicken, squashed grapes, etc.) overall, a wretched place to work.
good ol' store #48 in haverhill, ma
by Krista August 19, 2003
A white - black person, A wigger (a white person trying to be black)
Any White guy that considers himself a "Homie" or black
by Krista March 20, 2005
Your father.
Tell yo papa he should've raised you betta!
by Krista November 29, 2003

(J and A)

Person who's really really really really hot.
by Krista October 17, 2004
a crazy trio, who knows no danger, and fails to see the bigger picture. They always have each others' backs and lives in the moment of the day. They always succeed in getting the guy, but never use their powers for evil. Finally they have a personal belief that all things can be forgiven.... with chocolate and a good movie of couse!

This mysterious word sprung up when someone asked who these three chicks from Tenino were. They, in turn, replied, "we are the SPUNKERS."

Not to be mixed up with the spankers or the spank-hers!
Mary, Heather and Krista were considered the spunkers of the school.

The laid back spunkers enjoyed the simple pariers lifestyle, as long as they were friends.
by Krista April 06, 2005

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