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A type of food that tards, especially Melissa, enjoy. Also, they have been known to spend all of their money obtaining tins of it to consume cold.
"I DON'T CARE! I LOVE SPESGHETTI-OS! Um...spaghetti-os....yeah."
by Krista November 18, 2003
Dude a crayon is a retard....durr
"Jesus your such a fucking crayon!"
by Krista April 21, 2005
A person who rigorously attends church and will miss out on social events because of this. Not only are they losers but are doomed to live a life devoid of alcohol and sex.
Colleen, that fucking bibi, can't come to baseball because she has to go to her pastors house and pray.

You fucking bibi, ditch church and come drinking.
by Krista August 27, 2004
nickname for krista d.
hey glowjob how ya doing?!
by Krista April 23, 2004
When u listen to music and dance to it with more then 1 person
we had a jam session las nite
by krista January 04, 2004
engaging in the act of sex; to have sex
Latisha decided she HAS to conversate before her senior year in High School, otherwise the guys will think she is a sissy mary.
by Krista April 06, 2005
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