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The best hockey player in the world.
Jarome Iginla had a hat trick in tonights hockey game.
by Kevin July 25, 2004
When you stick your face in between a chicks breasts and shack your face back and forth while making a "bbbbbrrrrr" sound.
Man that chicks got some big tits...I would love to brumski her.
by Kevin April 15, 2003
A gun,strap,pistol, especialy a Glock.
I got them yawk thangs.
Don't make me pull dem yawks.
by Kevin December 19, 2003
an individual who is willing to sacrifice themlives of other people's children so long as his children are not at risk.
one who would have his country revert back to the 19th century if he could find any way to make it happen.
an individual who is willing to lie to the whole world in order to coax them into war.
a total assclown. see also George W. Bush
i can't believe George told the whole world that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and now, thousands of deaths later there aren't any.
by kevin December 28, 2004
the correct way to spell/say this word. often used as anyways through misbelief.
I don't like you anyway.
by Kevin February 07, 2004
Character in Star Trek: Voyager played by Jeri Ryan from 1997-2001. She used to be a Borg, but The Doctor got rid of a lot of her implants. However, she was assimilated as a little girl, so parts of her Borg physiology weren't removable. She's usually seen on Voyager walking around in a grey catsuit and having entire episodes about her "developing her humanity". Concidered by most to be the sexiest character in Star Trek: Voyager, the web is now littered with naked pictures of her.
Neelix: Would you like some eggs?
Seven of Nine: Eggs are irrelivent. I only eat protein shakes.
#star trek #borg #assimilate #catsuit #voyager
by Kevin December 10, 2005
Short for Holy Fucking Shit.
HFS! You landed a Mctwist!
by Kevin March 31, 2005
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